RV Travel Guide: Things to Bring on Your Tour

Go on your first RV journey with the family. Make it memorable by making sure you have everything you need for your journey. Make a list and examine it twice before your trip. From checking RV sales in Arkansas to purchasing camping materials, make sure everything is in order.

Owning an RV is exciting, as the vehicle provides many opportunities to spend quality time with the family while exploring the beauty of nature. After purchasing your first RV for sale in Arkansas start organizing your first journey. Never hit the road unprepared.
Here’s a list to make your first journey in your RV wonderful:

Basic Connections

Electrical, water, and sewage connections are three important things you should have in your RV. Before leaving, check that you have the right tubings and other items for these basic utilities.

For electricity, bring a cord connector so you can access power from the campground or RV Park. It’s also great to have an extension cord in your RV. This will let you avoid any troubles in case you cannot place your vehicle near the power source.

For water, bring two lengths of fresh water hose. When purchasing hoses, choose the white ones instead of green garden hoses, as they’re not certified safe for drinking water. Buy a regulator, as some RV parks have different water pressure levels. Without a regulator, high pressure can damage your RV’s plumbing.

Keep a complete sewage disposal kit in your RV. It must have the right hoses, flushing connections, fittings, rubber gloves, a sewer hose support, and a sewer ring. Use the sewer hose support to empty the black water tank.

Camping Supplies

Helpful items to have in your RV are camping lanterns, flashlights, barbecue grill and fuel, and fire extinguisher. You should also have long butane lighters or matches, first-aid kit, bug spray, handheld vacuum cleaner, and plastic trash bags. Pack foldable tables and chairs so you can enjoy outdoor dining at its best.

Level and Stability

After buying RV for sale in Arkansas consider learning to level and make the vehicle stable. To balance your vehicle on the camping area, make sure you have some stick-on bubble level, wheel chocks, and wooden leveling blocks. A stick-on bubble level lets you know when you have to recheck the balance of your RV.
Upkeep and Safety
Have a tool kit with the following items:

-duct tape.
-electrical tape.
-tire repair kit.
-extra light bulbs and fuses.
-Plumbing tape.
-jumper cables.
-socket set.
-aluminum hydraulic floor jack.
-Different bolts, connectors, and nuts.
- A can of WD-40.

Items for Cooking

The kitchen items you need to bring will depend on what you plan to eat and drink. Some RV owners simply use the barbecue on the camping area while others would rather bring their own things for cooking. When preparing to use a frying pan or skillet in the coals or on the campfire, avoid pans with nonstick coating. When exposed to high heat, the layers can be dangerous to your health. The recommended material for cooking is cast iron.

Disposable or plastic reusable cup and plates are the popular option over glassware, china, and pottery. When using objects that can break easily, secure your shelves to reduce risk of accidents.

You don’t have to spend a fortune to explore around the country. Embrace the RV lifestyle by knowing how to get ready for your trip properly.

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