First Man on the Moon

First On the Moon

Say, who was the first man who landed on the Moon?

Yes, Neil Armstrong – conquering a feat no one thought possible for decades, even thousands of years.

How about Sir Edmund Hillary, who was the first to reach the top of Mount Everest? The first men who flew, ie Wright Brothers?

How about Captain Matthew Webb, who was the first to swim across the English Channel?

What do these people have in common? Courage? Undying determination? Strong willpower?

What made them not give up?

Easy- simply because they want to succeed.

Like how people who lost their limbs and continued to go onto the Para-lympics (the Olympics equivalent for people with disabilities). People who lost their loved ones but went on to help others get through their griefs. People who had cancer yet they live a full and meaningful life.

Here is a true story that inspires me greatly, of how two men named Dave (coincidentally) – one literally broke and homeless, and one who was in one hell of a vice mess.. broke free and today, not only are they making thousands and thousands of dollars, but they are teaching others how to do it.

They did not give up; they persevered on and worked very long hours to attain what they want, because they believe in succeeding.

Here is the secret how two homeless men literally rose from rags to riches. You don’t have to believe in fairy tales anymore.

Today, in the office, there were a couple of hectic, tensional occurrences that made the top guys lose their cool, and they started yelling at us collectively – it did not matter who was at fault and who wasn’t.

In my current situation, I am literally ‘unemployable’, so it makes me grateful for this “para-lawyer” job… But being spoken down to is something I am not used to. Well, not anymore, at least.

At my age, I should be sitting in mid-level, if not the top now. yet I am like one of the under-qualified or entry level studs who were being spoken to in the capacity of a lower level executive.

I am over-qualified for my post, I know. But not when I have a situation on my hands currently. I am grateful, believe me, I am.

But I truly believe why is it most self-employed people, when they are out of business, would rather drive a cab or own a food stall rather than seek employment under a corporate umbrella.

See, when you are used to the carte blanche of running your own business, talking down to people you pay to work for you, teaching instead of learning, and managing your own jobscope on a day to day basis. it is not easy to suddenly have all of taken away from you.

I literally was being transformed from being strong, outspoken, confident and charming into subservient, soft-spoken and quiet in this new environment.

To break free, I need something that agrees with me, doesn’t hinder my other activities, and does not care whether I am employable by other companies or not.. Something that serves me well.

If you would like to enjoy such an adventure as well, and try to build a new life with new money, do take on this exciting journey with me now.

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