Authentic Compass And Writing

An author compasses his or her writings through an authentic experience they receive from the sentence they form. An author may go through a variety of sentence structures before they sense from the sentence that it expresses exactly what they wanted to express, and receive great joy from such an event. I call this as the authentic compass, since it is the author’s authentic experience of sentence structure that can either preguide the process of forming the sentence or reward the author after a process of trial and error.
When you perceive the representations in your consciousness, you get the authentic sense of what the semantic content of that representation, and it is that authentic sense of what you are about to write down as your interpretation of it. Having that authentic experience in your mind, by holding on to it, you can preguide your writing process, and just as a professional driver looks further on the road than a beginner, such is the experience on writing the more professional writer becomes. The motor system in us is thus preguided by our perceptions on where we want to direct our bodies to, and our body does what we think. Hence, when you use your authentic compass for writing, your authentic experience of the representations guides the process of your writing.
The more you contemplate the idea before you write it down, the more details you are able to include to your sentences. You can consider it as if increasing the resolution in your writings, and when you combine this to your authentic compass, the more resolution and authentic experience your interpretations have, adding to the personal truth-value. In fact, as you contemplate, it is a common experience as an internal event in the mind that you might first experience beliefs we have been taught throughout our lives, but as an author you are also in a journey for self-discovery, it is the unknown potential you are looking for, not enforcing what already exists in you. That is the job of every author, to not only enforce the existing beliefs, but to seek the unknown potential the reality contains for the unknown potential to manifest.
Now, when it comes to forming sentences from representations, authors obtain the representations not when they are writing, but before that. The reaction time to write sentences from representations increase the more practiced the skill to write sentences that are in correlation with the representations becomes. And that is exactly what writing in relativity with representations is. Producing correlation points that peer the sentences to the wanted form, guided by the authentic compass.

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