Make Collecting American Girl Doll Clothes More Fun With Some

Collecting American Girl doll clothes is a fun hobby which can help bring you and your daughter closer together. To make it more of an enjoyable activity than a chore, you may want to get it organized and keep it that way. With a little planning you can create your very own customized system that can be your own American Girl’s closet.

You may want to begin by considering how you organize your own personal wardrobe. Keeping the outfits you wear the most in reach is a common practice. For instance, when it’s winter out you might keep your heavier sweaters in the top drawers so you don’t have to always bend over to get them. As for your favorite summer shorts, it is likely you put them in a box somewhere until the weather gets warmer. Doll clothes can be handled exactly the same way; it is best to arrange them by season. You might need more than one storage container where you can keep doll clothes for each season in a separate spot. Plastic storage bins work nicely if your collection isn’t especially large. You can decorate each with a few decals or other items which remind you of that season. Using this method to quickly identify where the clothes are located will make them much easier to find without needing to pull each one out.

If your daughter has a bigger collection and you have a bigger budget, you may want to create a special space to organize the outfits and accessories. Including small mirrors and a closet, you can set up an American Girl doll clothes dressing room. For American Girl doll clothes in addition to similar small sized ones, hangers can be found. You can get wooden hangers to hold special outfits or make your own wire hangers. So that your daughter doesn’t get tired of using the same outfits all the time, you may want to rotate the clothes that you store in the closet.

Many girls like to keep their doll’s clothes in a playroom so that they can have their friends over and hold their very own fashion shows. Many times it can create a challenge in keeping the clothes accessible while also making it easy to put them back up to avoid having to deal with a pile of clothes. A portable filing system might help. Many mothers like using zip lock bags that can be put in a box. Each box can be organized in almost any way you want to do it. You can have a container that holds all of the formal wear, a different one for casual clothes and yet another for accessories. Whichever box your daughter and her friends want can simply be pulled out, flipped through and then they can get out only the clothes they want. Cleanup is easy – clothes go back in the bag, the bag is zipped shut and the bags go back in the box. One benefit in using plastic bags is you can very easily see which outfit is inside. Protection from dust, spills as well as other child hazards is another plus of plastic bags.

You should really get your doll clothes organized, whether you’re just beginning or already have a substantial collection, so that you can spend less time hunting for them and more time enjoying them.

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