Can’t live without music
Hello guys and welcome im here to tell you my story, the story of music. Music is my everything, it’s everything, from the time that i wake up in the morning, to the time that i go to sleep, the music is on my mind heavy.
Singing was a release for my spirit, a healing for my soul, nothing else made me feel the way singing and music made me feel, nothing. when a good song would come on the radio it was like heaven.

It was truly magic in a sense and i felt incredible when that song was on, it was the only thing that made my soul move the way it did.

Music is my oxygen
I was so depressed, i was so devastated and treated like an alien by alot of people, i hated going to school, i hated life, i was coming to a point were i didn’t feel i belonged in this world, that i was a mistake and that i should take my own life.

I was hurting so badly on the inside , i was hated for being born different, it would be hell to live.

The one thing that brung a light to my life, the one thing that kept me from commiting suicide was the music. I have nothing else and still have nothing else, the music is my only life line, my life support.
If you were to take it away from me i would would die, no literally im not being dramatic, i would die.

If the music went away one day, that would be the day that i commit suicide.

If it wasnt for the music, if i didnt love music the way that i do, i would have been commited suicide.

There absolutely for me has been nothing else to live for.

Music is to die for
All my life all ive ever wanted to do was sing, that’s it just sing, i was obssessed with everthing music.
i would have music marathon’s all day and do nothing but just that, id picture myself performing everytime i put on an album.
I had it bad for the music,it is my addiction, My love runs so deep for this and nothing else could come close.
It is what keeps me breathing and gives me a purpose to live, gives me a reason to keep fighting.
Till this day i am still breathing and am still reaching for my dreams, and i won’t stop till i get it.

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