Christina aguilera

Christina Aguilera

Christina aguilera is back bitches and she’s ready to kick ass, she’s working on her new album loctus, and her first single your body is a naughty ear stealing treat for all that listen.

All she wants to do is love your body :) , ive been a fan of christina aguilera ever since the second single genie in a bottle dropped.

I was at home watching a local music channel and there she was, i stopped dead in my tracks to watched and listened.

The song and her voice had me captivated, Christina aguilera’s voice reminded me of mariah carey in some ways.

I was hooked, she had me, from that point she’d be one of my greatest inspirations for me to follow my dreams and one day sing too.

Her voice is one of the worlds best, and it makes me go crazy every time i hear it.

I would bye all albums and sing every song, watch all the interviews.

Christina aguilera is legendary, she’s also from my city ironically and is just sensational.

Christina aguilera the voice

Yes christina aguilera is certainly the voice and last year, nbc launch a talent show “the voice” and christina aguilera is the perfect fit.

So im at home and then i see it on tv, this new show called the voice and it had christina aguilera as a judge, i freaked!

I was excited that she was doing this, and the fact the panel was made up of all singers qualified to actually give advice.

She’s the sweetest peach ever, this show really is the front runner in national televised talent search.

And after 4 season i read that she called it quits, she’s now focused on a new album and i couldn’t be happier ive been waiting.

Christina aguilera new album

Christina aguilera started recording a new album during the voice and i didn’t even know it. Now as i was sitting on my computer a few days ago i happened to be on youtube and then i saw it.

Christina’s new single your body, i rush to click on it excited as hell she was back. The song as i expected was as naughty and badass as she is. Tonights your lucky night, i know know ya’ll want it , christina aguilera, the new single your body, click below

Now all i have to say is X tina is back, so the other girls better watch out!!! Christina definitely brings the voice and the sex appeal, 2 very rare things in todays industry. Im looking foward to the new album but for now its all about your body.

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