Brandy two eleven

Brandy, It all belongs to her

Hello guys, i am so freakin excited!, The new Brandy album two eleven is finally out! and it’s banging, and people are actually crazy over it. Im am so proud of Brandy, The way this girl entertains live now is just breath taking. That voice drives me crazy, that raspy and the tone of her vocals is insane, just insane.

Brandy is an absolute soldier in this business, she refused to be swept under the rug when they tried to take that motha F***ing broom and sweet her in the dust pan.

No Brandy is a prime example that if your suspose to be in this business as a career then you will do whatever it takes to do just that.
She never ceases to amaze all of us obviously, especially me.

Ive been one of her starz since the begining , she’s astounding.

She first popped back up this year with a new duet with Monica in more than ten damn years with the new r&b classic it all belongs to me.

I love that freaking song and they sing the sh** out of it live

Brandy puts it down!

Folks Brandy’s two eleven is Fire!!! it’s such a breathe of fresh air to what’s smothering the mainstream radio’s airwaves.

It’s today’s pure r&b with some hip hop thrown in, it’s sensual yet classy, and in areas sexual.

It’s were brandy is today, the is an r&b record that you actually want to replay again and again!

The records first official single appeared in august called put it down with chris brown and i just lost my mind.

How many of you absolutely love Brandy?

This girl comes back fierce as sh**, i mean this girl gets gutta and shes dancing her butt off the way we’ve never seen brandy before, she said that being on dancing with the stars awoke that confidance in her.

What a confidance it is, and a performance attitude that says look out b****es im back now move the f*** over.

Wildest dreams of Brandy

Brandy finally drops the album last tuesday, ya’ll need to get ya’ll copy or download on itunes.

With that she releases her second single wildest dreams, as she performs it on three major tv shows, this girl gives you a performance that leaves you begging for more. So much attitude, so much class, so much power in her performances.

I love Brandy, she’s does an incredible job and this album is truly her public comeback so

Brandy keep it up i love you.

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