If you only do one factor these days make sure

By definition “an asset is actually a resource controlled from the entity because of this of previous occasions or transactionsand from which future financial rewards are expected to flow to the entity.”

Bit of a mouthful I know, but Assets are definitely the only factor we need to invest in. So how do we do that?


Every time we create a piece of content material, regardless of whether that is a video, an write-up or maybe a press release we’re investing in an asset. As internet marketers the idea of residual earnings is wonderful suitable? Sell anything as soon as and after that get paid just about every week, month or year for it.

The crucial element is you only do the perform as soon as.

Well I wonder when you have ever regarded as making residual visitors?

As marketers if we are able to do a thing once including make a video or publish an article and then get an ongoing stream of visitors flowing to our capture page or internet site. Properly we are able to, and like most productive marketers I do it regularly, in fact I’m undertaking it right now.

This stream of traffic will continue to develop daily as more and more individuals see your content and click by way of to your website. delivering you understand where to place it.

Believe of your internet like a home portfolio – every time you distribute a new piece of content, this could possibly be within the method of an post, a weblog post, a video, a squidoo lens, a Facebook web page or 1 on the 50000000 other approaches. It is like owning a piece of genuine estate, If we could make home this quickly we would all be performing it right?

So consider of it like this for any second, you upload a video to YouTube, this video gets 10 views a month. You also distribute an report to Ezine directory; this short article also gets ten new views every single month.

You’ve got now got 20 new pairs of eyes seeking at you or your offer you each month.. it is a start but you’re not going to jump around the space just yet. So what do we do? Scale it up to creating two pieces of content material each day, everyday for 30 days.

So we will then have 60 unique articles, movies or whatever you’ve got developed to share about the internet and I need to dispel a myth on duplicate content material. In case you wrote it you are able to place it wherever you want! This is named syndicated content material and you will in no way get penalised by any search engine for it. So we basically place the content material in over 1 spot, in case you are understanding with me you are going to know the 6 areas I suggest, so let’s say you have got the content material inside the 6 areas every single receiving 10 views a month, except now we have 60 pieces of content material in 6 areas so 6 x 60 = 360. Every single getting let’s say 10 views a month (that is an incredibly low quantity) that is 260 x ten = 3600 views, and let’s say your capture page converts at 20% that’s 720 fresh leads!

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