In this modern day world, it is not uncommon to have multiple passwords. Constantly people use many passwords on a daily basis. It can be hard to keep all of the passwords memorized, especially when you need to change them periodically to meet security requirements. Typing them out or keeping them saved on the computer is a security risk and should not be done at all. Nice old-fashioned paper and pencil can come to the rescue in this situation. A personal password book could keep your passwords organized and help you save time daily as you work and play online.

To help you manage personal passwords, a password book is a little book with different sections to write down useful information. There are labels for shopping, education, travel, and other activities, so you can find all your passwords quickly. Every single page is custom-designed to keep your information in order. There are special spaces to write down the specifics of your accounts: web addresses, user names, and individual account passwords. There is even extra room on each page to jot down clues to your passwords or answers to security questions – really important when you need to recover crucial account information.

Once you have your current passwords safely copied into a personal password holder book, it is important to think about strategies for choosing good passwords in the future. There is plenty of space for you to update information so don’t worry about your password book lacking enough space. Creating new passwords has to be done for some internet websites according to specific standards. It probably won’t be a good idea to use any private information such as a date of birth as it can actually become a risk. Hackers are able to find out basic information and accounts could be severely sacrificed. Including your own name in an account password is also a bad idea for the same reasons. Family names and birthdays really should be avoided, even though they are easy to memorize.

You might be asking what does make a unique and strong password. A combination of letters and numbers is generally recommended. If non-alphanumeric characters are acceptable, it is advised to use these too. Avoid words which can be looked up in a dictionary, even in other languages. Acronyms work well for people who need to come up with creative new account passwords. Why not a song lyric or a poem, that can be used in some instances. A unique password is not that complicated to come up with when you make combinations only you would figure out and remember. Don’t be shy about replacing the number 0 for the letter O, or using creative misspellings to keep your password unique and confidential. Selecting passwords can be an opportunity to use your imagination and establish a word that fits you and your lifestyle. Once you’ve written them down in your book, they are safe and secure for your future use.

In the age of the net, a password book is the perfect accessory to own. Personalizing your own book with the wide assortment available and make it a part of your very own style. For virtually any look or lifestyle, there is a perfect password book available you can purchase. With the help of this incredibly low-tech device, you can enjoy greater freedom and security in your internet life.

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