Why everybody is talking about Online Poker Casino…the simple truth

Perhaps poker is the most popular and most widely played casino game in the world. It is also the top game when it comes to the number of variations on offer. You can find all the variations of poker on online poker casino such as Pai Gow Poker, Texas Holdem Poker, 3-Card Poker, Poker Pursuit and Poker Ride.

Online 3-Card Poker is one of the most widely enjoyed variation of online poker. The reason for its huge popularity can be attributed to its simplicity and its fast nature. The hands in this game are smaller and you dont have to draw any extra cards. You are going to come across even 2 more games under 3-Card Poker online. These two games are Ante and Play and PairPlus. Playing ordinarily, you can enjoy this game just one game on one hand. But, if you want to double your odds, play both the games. You will find that the game of PairPlus is similar to solitaire. In this game 3 cards are dealt to the player. The dealer hand has no role in this variation. Winnings are counted when the player hand has a pair, or if it has a straight and flush, or a straight plus flush plus 3 of a kind.

One of the most popular and widely enjoyed variant of online poker casino games is Texas Holdem Poker. If poker is the most widely played casino game around the world, then this variation of poker is the leading variant among all poker games. You require both a blend of luck and skills if you want to win in this game. During the game, you will find many special bonus bets that will take the level of game up in terms of both profits and thrill.

Online Pai Gow Poker is also one of the most popularly played variant of online poker. This variation of poker is enjoyed using 53-card deck with the joker. Here, you will be dealt 7 cards. Even the dealer is dealt the same number of cards. These 7 cards are then broken into 2 hands. There is the low hand and the high hand with 2 and 5 cards each, respectively. A player wins when his high hand and low hand are both higher than the corresponding hands of the dealer. But, if only one of the hands is higher than the dealers corresponding hand, then it is a tie.

Poker Ride is also a popular variation of online poker. Similar to Poker Pursuit, this game has a progressive jackpot with one side bet adding to the jackpot. The jackpot is ever growing and can reach a value of millions of dollars. Hitting the Royal Flush means that you have won the jackpot.

The next variation of online poker, Poker Pursuit there is no involvement of the dealer. In this game, the objective is to get the highest possible poker hand and make the bet on the winning hands. Starting after the initial bet, you will be dealt 5 cards – 2 face down and 3 face up cards. You can increase your bet after the 4th card is turned. You also get the same chance after the 5th card is turned. All these variations discussed above are the most widely played online poker casino variants. Learning the rules of these games will he helpful in increasing your winnings.

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