Are you exploring options for a brand new sport to give a try? Would you like your kids to experience some kind of sport other than the normal basketball, football, soccer or maybe tennis? Do you need to get back into shape and be much healthier where you can go at your own pace and strengthen or tone muscles? Whether you are looking for a different way to stay in shape or would like to learn some self-defense, karate is a good sport to consider. If you are ready for intense training that is physical, mental and cultural all combined into one, then martial arts training could be just what you are in search of.

In relation to personal physical condition, being active is important and essential. Martial arts forms are the perfect combination of meditation and physical activity, focusing as much on a positive mind set as the physical aspects of the sport. Most people when asked will tell you martial arts is able to offer amazing physical feats, high kicks and karate chops. With this stereotypical misunderstanding, it is easy to be intimidated as no one would ever picture being able to move like Jean Claude Van Damme. Not everyone is able to physically perform at that level, and taking a couple of martial arts classes won’t make you a quick TV star. Nonetheless, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t give it a try. It will take perseverance as well as dedication just as with regular exercise. You must have the will to push yourself and have the drive to go beyond your boundaries, but if you are able to do this you will see remarkable improvements to your health and your emotional and mental states.

It is important to remember that to their originating cultures, martial arts are more than a form of exercise. This art form takes on variables a lot like learning to dance would. When exploring karate, you will discover Kata. It is an artistic form of movement focusing on defense and counter attacks, combined to use as little energy and effort as you possibly can. Great for all ages, Kata teaches self-defense but enhances concentration, speed and stamina. While it may appear silly, concentration is something that lots of people struggle with, whether they are aware of it or not. Learning how to properly concentrate your mind on the skill or task you are trying to achieve is one of the first steps to success, and it will help you in many other areas of your life. Many doctors strongly recommend taking a martial arts class for patients who grapple with depression, A.D.H.D., along with other mental or emotional difficulties.

Another important element in Karate is kumite or sparring. This kind of free fighting is practiced when two or more martial artists spar with each other. Sparring can sharpen precision, balance and accuracy as it requires a great deal of control. Rigid rules are applied when sparring and individuals are expected to adhere to them. There’s no direct contact to the head, face, throat, groin or spine regions and minimal contact to the other places on the body. The participants are not out to injure each other, but to improve their skills.

By studying a form of self-defense, taking a karate class will strengthen concentration, self-awareness, emotional and mental control. When considering your health and looking for a sports activity that combines many components to achieve success mentally and physically, karate is ideal for many individuals.

To enhance the confidence and degree of concentration in your child, carefully consider enrolling him or her in a karate class. For more particulars on Tracy’s Karate Studio, explore them at the website,

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