If you want to give someone a unique gift for his or her birthday, then buy a customized ink pen. Unlike an ordinary ink pen, handcrafted ink pens are more superior in terms of quality and design. Since it is customized, you can choose your own design and material. Handcrafted pens are very stunning and beautiful. They are also ideal presents for people who love to write. If you are interested in the art of pen making, you may want to learn more about its process including the tools and materials such as pen kits or pen making kits.

The art of pen making is not really that difficult. There are many people who learn it by trial and error. Before you start, you need to prepare the tools and materials. Among the most popular raw materials today include Red Palm, alternative ivory, speckled cherry, Cocobolo wood, olivewood, and black-striped ash. You also need a band saw, mandrel, lathe machine, sharpening stone, and drill press.

It is also important to find a good lathe machine for pen making. Since you will be using wood materials, you should use a heavy-weight cast iron lathe machine. This type of lathe will surely give you more stability and control while you are working.

Another important tool is your mandrel. You use this with the lathe machine when you start shaping the pen. This tool also helps you get the accurate size and shape. Ideally, a mandrel should have 7mm shaft which is the standard pen size used by most pen makers.

While working on your handcrafted pen, you also need to use a sharpening stone. Use this stone to keep your chisels sharp all the time. A sharp chisel helps you work faster and it is also safer to use than a dull one.

There are other materials that you need in making pens such as chisels, sandpaper, adhesives, barrel trimming, and pen blanks. Before you start doing this, you really need to familiarize yourself with your tools and equipment. You should also first work on scrap wood before you start creating a new pen. Try to see how your wood samples look like when you use your wood finish.

One of the most widely known figures in this field is Barry Gross who has more than three decades of experience in various art mediums. Known for his love of and passion for nature, Barry’s main goal is to create and design writing instruments out of recycled products.

Basically, there are four kinds of pen kits coating Barry offers for his customers. If you want a pen with a basic finish, choose a 24k gold plating. Generally, this plating easily wears off due to the presence of acid in the environment. On the other hand, you may also choose rhodium coating. This plating is known for its resistance to scratch and tarnishing. If you want something with a low luster, try the gun metal coating. It is also very durable. If you want something long-lasting, choose titanium- nitride.

Barry Gross is an artisan with over 30 years of varied experience creating Customized Pens. Barry is inspired by nature and loves the texture and rich feel of each piece of exotic wood that he turns with his Pen Making Supplies. Every piece of wood is thoughtfully chosen to carefully match both the style of pen and the finish that is hand applied.