This article is about the next step up from folding leg tables poker tables. There are mainly half moon curved wood legs or a footrest base with vertical columns.
Poker Tables
All tables are available with either base and in any     of the 4 speed cloth colors (black, blue, green or red). These tables sell for $380. – $540. (plus shipping). The prices vary depending on the features that each table has. Most poker tables are 96” long and will seat (10) average sized adults.                                                                Craps Tables

These Custom Poker Tables usually have a “racetrack” chip rail. They are available as (10) player poker tables or dealer spot poker tables with a chip tray.
Poker Tables For SaleMost chip trays will hold 500 poker chips. Most poker tables have speed cloth vs. the older style with felt or velour. The cards slide better on speed cloth, it is waterproof, doesn’t form little balls after play and is much more durable.
Custom Craps Tables
We have poker tables for sale without the “racetrack” chip rail with the cup holders mounted in the arm rests. This gives the table a nice, clean look. We have dealer spot tables with a metal chip tray and some with a drop box.
Poker TableWe have new tables that are available with (2) drop boxes. We also have poker tables with a removable playing surface. This would allow you to change the color in the future, replace old or damaged speed cloth or to upgrade to a custom felt in the future.
Custom Poker Tables For Sale
We also have a premium line of poker tables for sale that we have in stock. These tables have many of the features of a custom poker table but at a much lower price !! They have replaceable speed cloth playing surfaces and replaceable arm rests. The cup holders are 3.5” bi-level stainless steel. The arm rests are oversized with 2” of high density foam. The table has been designed to be set up very quickly without any tools. The base is solid wood and is very sturdy. The dealer spot table also has (10) cup holders so it can be used as a final table with (10) players. It has a metal chip tray with a locking cover. There are (2) metal dropboxes with stainless steel bill slot covers.

When you are ready to buy poker tables be sure to keep these tables in mind because they are excellent values and normally in stock.
Custom Poker Tables
We are supplier of Poker/ Craps Tables and Casino related items since 2007. We have a Facebook page where you can keep up with the most recent products we have created, get info on poker news as well as notices of sale prices offered. Our customer service is second to none. If you have any questions, need help choosing a table, accessories, something special or a package price – we are more than happy to help. Contact Jim: (231) 631-1571 or email:     Be sure to “like” our Facebook page:

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