How to Get dealer spot poker tables

poker tables for sale is proud to announce a new line of dealer spot poker tables with the features of     custom poker tables  at standard poker table for sale prices !!

Features & Benefits

  • Dealer spot design with lockable metal chip tray
  • (2) metal drop boxes plus stainless steel money slot covers
  • “H” Style Legs with a Spreader Bar for a rugged, stable poker table base
  • Quick setup design: the legs up sit into a slot underneath the table for quick & easy setup and
  • No tools are required for setup or take down – decorative bolts tighten by hand
  • Thick plywood main board with lengthwise frame for extra rigidity
  • Black PU leather arm rest material – enhanced leather product for long life vs. thin vinyl
  • Removable arm rests – allows local repair if there is a future cut or burn hole
  • High density arm rest foam provides better support than low density, softer foams
  • Oversized arm rests for added comfort and ease of stacking chips
  •  (10) 3.5” jumbo stainless steel cup holders for larger bottles & glasses
  • Bi-level cup holders also works well with 12 oz. cans & bottles
  • “Racetrack” chip rail wood has UV treated stain – a high end wood protection system vs. PVC
  • Waterproof suited speed cloth is more durable and cards slide better than on felt or velour
  • A variety of speed cloth colors are available – (4) colors are stocked and (8) more are available
  • Replaceable playing surface design – can change old felt, cloth colors or get a custom felt
  • ¼” one piece foam under speed cloth – all one piece avoids gaps under the playing surface
  • 95” x 48” x 30”h – full length and full width to fit 10 players (even if some are XL)
  • Check this table out by clicking on this link: new dealer poker table for sale


  • has been a supplier of Poker and Casino related items since 2007.
  • They have a Facebook page where you can keep up with the most recent products they have created, get info on poker news as well as notices of sale prices they offer.
  • The customer service is second to none.  If you have any questions, need help choosing a table, craps table for sale, accessories, something special or a package price – they are more than happy to help.


Contact  Jim at:  (231) 631-1571   or  email:

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