There are several types, sizes and uses of craps tables.  A practice craps table is used by craps players to practice controlling the dice roll.  The idea is to develop a pattern of rolling the dice so you can get predictable rolls from the dice on the craps table at the casino.  There are several types of portable practice craps tables available and they are relatively inexpensive.

Dice control practice set                                                                                                                                93” craps table

There are some modestly priced craps tables that are good for home use.  Some people also purchase these to practice dice control.  These craps tables have most of the features of a casino craps table- they are just are smaller in size so they will fit into most game rooms.  Some poker rooms are adding tables like this too.  This table sells for around $1000. + $300. S/H.

Some of these tables only have the dice rubber on one end.  You will most likely want to add the dice rubber since this is what provides the random action to the dice when they are rolled against the end of the table.  This dice rubber is about $50. for a 4 foot strip + $20. S/H.  You may have to cut the ribber to fit the table and you will also need to get some good adhesive to attach the rubber to the table.

One item to be aware of (particularly if you want to practice dice control) is that many of the less expensive craps tables are not regulation height.  The standard height for a craps table is 28” from the felt to the floor.  The inexpensive craps tables are usually a 20” to 24” height from the felt to the floor  They are only 30” to 36” tall where a full sized craps table is approx. 40” high at the arm rests.

Some craps tables come fully assembled (except for adding the legs).  If you are thinking about one of these craps tables for your home game room keep in mind the large size and heavy weight of this table “tub”.  You may need a few strong guys even if it could fit around corners and up or down stairs.  It may be more practical to buy a table that is designed to be portable in smaller pieces and easier to get into your house.

Some craps tables are designed for casino party rentals.  These tables are generally much more durable.   Also, they are designed to be broken down and set up easily.  This modular construction makes it easier to transport and they can usually be moved  by one person.  Here are is an example of a portable craps table.       These craps tables are in the $1,500 to $2,000. + $325. S/H price range depending on the features desired.

The craps tables used in most poker rooms and small casinos generally have upgraded materials and a few more features included (arm rests, double dealer boxes, mirrors, extra room for chips, etc.).  These tables are generally in the price range of $2,500. to $3,000. + $400.

The final category is the full sized casino craps table.  These can range anywhere from 10 feet long to 14’ long.  These tables are usually fully custom so you can have these built with any features or colors that you want.  You can choose the vinyl color, felt color and exterior color.  You can get a fully custom felt, add dealer mirrors, a drop box and/or vertical chip racks.  The 10’ tables start at $3,000. + $400. S/H (plus there may be an additional crating charge).  A 14’ craps table will cost around $4,500. + $500. S/H.


The last things to consider are the accessories.  Here are the craps accessories that are usually purchased with craps tables: Craps on/off puck (approx. 3” diameter) or smaller on/off buttons.  There are inexpensive dice or precision dice that are used in casinos that are around $18. for 5 dice.  Dice sticks are 24” to 48” long.  A 36” stick will be fine for a 92” – 96” craps table.   A dice boat is nice to have to keep some extra dice in.  They can be acrylic or wood.   You will probably need some chips – an inexpensive 300 or 500 chip set should be fine.  If you want upgraded chips or custom chips in an acrylic, oak, leather or mahogany case – that is your personal preference.

Craps accessory set:


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