What You Need To Know About Replacing Trampoline Springs

Are you one of those parents that have questioned why your kids don’t seem to like the new trampoline that you bought for them? This might be because the trampolines at their friends’ houses are able to shoot them several feet in the air while this completely new trampoline sitting in your backyard doesn’t have a similar ability. The reason your kids aren’t capable to launch themselves ten feet in the air on the new trampoline is simply because the trampoline springs haven’t had the chance to become worn down. Every time you are on your trampoline, the springs have a chance to become more stretched out so the tension is going to be greater between your jumping mat and the springs. This allows for higher jumping and less resistance between the jumper and trampoline.

Even though you may enjoy getting higher into the air, you should be checking your trampoline for springs that could be worn out. Once the springs on your trampoline become worn down, you risk holes tearing in the material and a greater chance for injuries. It is important to check your trampoline for natural deterioration about every month. During the colder months when the trampoline will not be used as often, it is a good idea to cover the trampoline with a tarp so the springs will not get rusted.

The trampoline springs will ultimately need to be replaced after a couple of years of use. If you’re not sure how to go about looking for replacement springs when they’re needed, you might start with the manufacturer of your trampoline. Often times they’ll be able to know the exact amount of springs you need to purchase for the model that you own and you may get them in bulk for a discount. You’ll find numerous online businesses that will sell you replacement parts for the trampoline, like the necessary springs if your manufacturer doesn’t have them. A complete set will usually cost about sixty to seventy dollars, or more based on the quality of the springs and vendor.

When you’re looking for replacement springs for your trampoline, the first step will be to remove a spring that is already in the tramp and measure it. To be on the safe side, you might want to measure a couple of the springs just in case. You’ll want to do this because all of the springs on your trampoline won’t be the same size once you have been bouncing on it for a long time. Having a good idea of how long the springs are can help you order the proper ones. Springs range in size from three to ten inches so make certain when you measure the old springs that you use inches. Knowing the correct length of the springs will help you avoid ordering the wrong size that will not fit the trampoline.

Once you have received the new springs, it is a good idea to not replace every spring at once. Begin by replacing about 50 % of the springs. You will want to do this because you won’t have any replacement springs for your trampoline if for whatever reason one of the newer ones breaks. This can save you from needing to buy another whole set of springs just for one broken one, when you’ve got other springs on hand. If you don’t feel comfortable leaving old springs on your trampoline for safety reasons, buy more springs than will fit on the trampoline. This can allow for all the springs to get swapped out but you will also have extras if they are needed. Although your children will be disappointed that the trampoline won’t bounce as high, replacing the springs on your trampoline is important to avoid injuries.

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