Achieving a larger penis could make a man feel more confident and comfortable in his own skin. Methods designed to increase length and girth can be very expensive but there are also some free penis enlargement techniques that could prove effective. These are contained in websites regarding natural enlargement and men may want to try them before purchasing any equipment or medicine.

Providing the penis with more blood can lead to a more satisfying lovemaking experience. Get a small hand towel and soak it in tepid to warm water, then wrap this towel round the testicles and penis. A slightly painful sensation may be initially experienced but it should fade. Hold the towel in place for no more than one minute. Run the cloth under warm plain tap water and repeat the process, keeping the towel on the area between one as well as two minutes.

Once the penis is warmed up using this technique, grab the head of the penis and stretch it while watching body. Hold it in this particular position for ten in order to 15 seconds, repeating the process as much as five times. The stretching motion should be felt at the base from the penis. After the process is actually completed, relax the penis and massage it to revive the normal circulation.

The stretching process could be repeated, pulling the penis left and then to the right in an alternating style. If any discomfort is felt, the man should immediately discontinue the exercise. It is important how the penis not be stretched too much because this can result in serious damage to the organ and may require medical attention.

Other penis enlargement techniques can be found online at no charge. Men should always exercise caution and stop whenever any pain or uncomfortable feelings are experienced. Not all of the free methods will probably provide noticeable results but some may work well, improving self-confidence.

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