Writers most often notice when they are not in alignment. For example, despite an intention to write regularly, you may have experienced times when a whole range of what appear to be legitimate reasons crop up to stop that happening. In such situations, emotions such as fear, anxiety or self-doubt may well be blocking the intellectual decision you have made to write regularly, and this shows that your mind and emotions are out of sync.
Clearing such blocks and developing your skill at working with creative alignment lead to discovering the unique gifts you have to share with the world, writing what you are here to write and to finding your authentic voice. You will recognize alignment from those moments when the words are flowing freely onto the page and you lose all track of time passing. You experience a sense of pure potential and know yourself to be consciously engaged in the creative process.
Achieving this state ‘at will’ comes with practice, so here are 3 ways to experience alignment so that you can write what you are here to write:
1. Choose your environment to create the right external conditions to support alignment. Some writers love the buzz of being in a public place when they write surrounded by people going about their everyday lives.
Whether this is a lively cafe or a quiet library, the sights, sound and scent of being ‘in the world’ can encourage a creative flow which is in alignment with a true sense of creative purpose.
For many others, myself included, the only way to write from a place of deep alignment is when all distractions have been eliminated. Being alone, turning off the phone, and logging out of social networking sites and email supports the focus required to surrender to the creative space and enable the right words to meet the page. I recommend trying both and choosing the environment which works for you.
2. Clear your inner space before you write to nurture the alignment of body, mind, emotions and soul. This is an important step of all for writers who want to fulfill their true creative potential.
Connecting to the first stage of the creative process – stillness, silence and space – clearing your mental and emotional space opens the way for creative alignment to happen. One of the best ways to do so is to write regularly in a journal. This stream-of-consciousness writing is about whatever is at the forefront of your mind at the time and is for your eyes only.
It is also helpful to develop your ideas and do whatever thinking or research is necessary before you sit down to write in order to enjoy a clear creative flow.
3. Connect with your passion – write what you love and love what you write. Another effective way to click into creative alignment is to choose to write about subjects or stories for which you have a real passion.
Genuine enthusiasm, which comes from loving what you do and having a vision to work towards, is a gateway to being in the flow. You will probably have experienced this naturally many times before so adding awareness to choosing your focus will strengthen your ability to move into alignment at will.
Paying attention to what you feel most drawn towards means that you will end up writing what you are here to write which is understandably a high priority for all conscious and creative writers. So what experiences have you had of being in alignment when you write? And what has worked for you to trigger this powerful approach to writing? Feel free to share your comments below.

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