Tea contains catechins, cholestenone, caffeine, inositol, folic acid, pantothenic acid and other ingredients, in the comprehensive role, has the prevention and suppression of obesity. In Japan, especially like Chinese  tea. Because of Oolong tea on lipolytic action is stronger, can help lift the greasy, help digestion, have effect reducing weight. France Paris Dongan St., Department of medicine and clinical director of carobbio doctor studies confirmed, often drink made in Yunnan Pu’er tea, can reduce the body ‘s triglycerides and cholesterol. French women, especially young women is very particular about physical beauty, they put the Pu’er tea known as ” slimming tea “. Doctors in France by Pu’er tea were studied, the subjects per person per day to drink three cups of tea, adhere to a month, the results of some weight loss, some lipid reducing. Doctors in France with Yunnan Tuo tea of 40 male and female obesity experiment, let them daily morning, afternoon, evening to drink a cup of tea. “, after a month, more than 40% people have different degrees of reduce weight. This is the French likes to drink Yunnan tea is one of the reasons. According to the tea can reduce weight function, the tea to be ” slimming tea “, ” tea ” is the main raw material. Drinking tea or tea mouthwash, brushing, can not only remove halitosis, also can prevent dental caries. According to reports, the Beijing City stomatological hospital medical doctor Zhou Dacheng, namely from 70 time begin to study the tea in the prevention of dental caries with respect to efficacy, tea, with tea mouthwash, brushing your teeth, or with tea toothpaste can be, but to brush your teeth for the best tea. This is because the tea contains fluoride, fluoride and dental calcium has a great affinity, can become a more difficult to dissolve in acid ” neon apatite “. As to the teeth and the last layer of protection, improving dental caries anti-acid hang ability. The use of tea is one of the ways caries dental care. Therefore, in children the promotion of the use of mouthwash, brushing and tea tea. Low fluorine area, advocate General of low-grade tea drinking ( high-grade tea and tea fluorine content is low ), can prevent dental caries. Each daily consumption of 10 grams of tea brewing tea, you can meet the body’s need for fluoride. Fluorine content high tea “, Yunnan Fujian oolong tea “, ” Dianhong “, Zhejiang ” hang green “, Jiangxi ” Jasmine Flower ” and Guizhou ” Fu brick .”. Tea drinking on cardiovascular diseases such as hypertension. Coronary heart disease have a certain preventive effect. Some people through clinical experiments, month day drinks three bowls of tea, their lipid decreased 13%, cholesterol also decreases, on 80 hypertensive patients for clinical trials, the results of 30 patients treated with green tea for five days after treatment, the decrease in blood pressure, has returned to normal; there is also on the tea and coronary heart disease were studied, divided into tea, tea, tea occasionally three group, found that tea of coronary heart disease incidence was 3.1%, I drink tea prevalence rate was 2.3%, tea for 1.4%. From this we can see that the effect of tea drinking on the prevention of coronary heart disease.


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