Do you want to know how to build a website? One very important point, when its time to choose hosting there is cPanel, and then there is c-panel. Be assured that the hosting provider you pick offers you the one and only cPanel so you can avail yourself stress and worry. cPanel is very simple and beginner friendly. Also, cPanel integrates with most browsers (i.e., IE, Firefox, Chrome) and gives you complete control to the tasks you might need to carry out on the behind the scenes.

Web Hosting:

Many hosting providers may tell you that they provide cPanel hosting, but at times they do not have the official cPanel, but just a control panel that they provide. The main purpose you will be glad you are using the real cPanel system so that it is a very easyinterface that is pretty easy to get around and understand. When deciding on a hosting provider that offers cPanel, be assued it is the real cPanel logo that is appears in your hosting account, and not the wrong name.

Uploading Files:

Files You will need to upload to your site are done with the File Manager. You will need to create a separate folder to upload to or you can save the files into the root folder.. For you to build your first website. With cPanel you have the ability to create email accounts, create back-up files, check traffic stats, add sub domains and so much more. Everything is available to you through a click of the mouse to allow you to build a nice professional looking website.


The best thing about cPanel is that you are able to load WordPress and have it installed your web hosting account just by a click of the mouse. In addition, cPanel provides tutorials for the tasks you are required to complete. Therefore, anything you you need help with, you can easily get help from the tutorials.

Install WordPress

The first thing you need to do, after signing into your backend is access cPanel. Next, scroll down in the cPanel interface until you have found the Software/Services Menu. In this section use your mouse to click on the Fantastico Service. Look to the left of the screen, you will see a list of software and items you have available. Choose the WordPress Icon to install WordPress inside your site. Finally after you have completed installation you are able to choose from a variety of free or premium WordPress themes compliment the look and feel of your website that you want.

WordPress Themes

You will have many free themes you can download in the Admin Section of WordPress on your website. To allow you to build a website and get started in the least amount of time, have free themes on our website. Feel free to download these at anytimeThey are available to download at anytime. These themes are free of charge, and you can use them as much as you would like. It is just our way of giving you some help.

We have provided you some information so that you will know how to build a website. Part II is continued on our website. We hope you have gained some insight on what you will need to build your own website. You can get more information on how to build a website by visiting our site.