Remembering Your Special Day By Making A Wedding Keepsake

When you ask people what the biggest day of their life was, many won’t hesitate to let you know that it was their wedding. The day when you say your vows to the love of your life and agree to spend your life with them is a very important and special occasion. While you will have memories and pictures to remember the day, making a wedding keepsake can be a great way to honor your wedding day. There are many different options for how to go about building a keepsake for your wedding.

Perhaps taking your wedding day bouquet and having it dried and displayed is a more common method for a keepsake. Hanging it upside down within a dark room or either freezing your entire bouquet is easy enough for you to do. Pressing the flowers is an additional option where you would take some of the flowers from your wedding and press into a thick box, applying pressure for a few days. Maybe you would like to display a unique keepsake box in your home, filled with photos or mementos of your wedding day. A similar idea is to create a scrapbook filled with photos as well as other keepsakes from that particular day. Scrapbook stores have unlimited wedding scrapbooking stickers, borders, scrapbook pages, and everything else you can think of. When creating a fantastic keepsake to show members of the family and friends, add your own photos, place cards, printed napkins, announcements or whatever else you can think of from your wedding.

A wedding planning book could be a great wedding treasure down the road. You’re going to love looking through at all of the plans that you had for your wedding, and it will bring back many nostalgic memories that you may not have otherwise remembered. Make sure you fill this wedding event planning book with your appointments, wedding dress ideas, list of guests, wedding shower gifts, and anything else you can imagine. This is usually a chance for you to really be creative and make this wedding planning book your own. Having this book years from now, is really a special walk down memory lane for you besides being an important tool for the actual planning of the wedding.

Another wedding keepsake idea is to make your veil into a artistic show piece. It makes a lot of sense, the wedding veil is something you want to always keep after your wedding, yet it is not something you are likely to wear again. Why don’t you get some use from it by turning into a keepsake? Would it be far better to add your veil intact, to the keepsake box rather than using it for something else. Photos of your bridal gown in different stages for instance, when you first tried it on, to the altering of the dress and then to the final wedding day snap shots with the veil attached. These things can be gathered together to make a great keepsake box.

Another keepsake that you will find fun to make can be a heart necklace. The heart can as an example be made up of you and your fiancé’s fingerprints gently entwined forming a wonderful necklace for you to cherish. If you want something that doesn’t require much extra time on your part, consider keeping a wedding tablecloth that you can use on special events, such as your anniversary or on Valentine’s Day. Putting your actual wedding announcement and invite on the wall in a pretty display case is a favorite choice. Creating a keepsake of your wedding can be done easily and essentially in any fashion based on your taste.

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