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An End To Apathy

Published on : September 21st, 2016 | Category : Politics

An End To Apathy There are few who would contest that the political process within the United States – and the world aboard – has been steered increasingly by the influence of corporate conglomerates.. Read more

Donald Trump an Event or a Movement

Published on : May 24th, 2016 | Category : Politics

Donald Trump: an Event or a Movement? By Jorge Lendeborg Republican presidential nominee, billionaire Donald Trump has claimed on several occasions that his campaign has become a social and political Movement within the United.. Read more

Paul Chehade – Where Is The Shining Beacon Of Freedom?

Published on : March 18th, 2014 | Category : Politics

Paul Chehade – Where Is The Shining Beacon Of Freedom? Earlier this week, Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych fled Kiev after deadly clashes in the capital. Members of Parlient voted to oust him from government,.. Read more

The Various Reasons That Electronic Voting Is Better Than Traditional

Published on : January 24th, 2014 | Category : Politics

For those of you who are given the task of managing election votes for any reason at all, electronic voting is one area you should learn about. Voting has existed for ages, but until.. Read more

Products And Solutions From Criminal Attorney Carefully

Published on : November 12th, 2012 | Category : Politics

This film is not for those who want gore Linda Blaire style. The scare this film brings doesn’t rely with horror stingers and music and physical gore. Its utilization of silence speaks significantly. The.. Read more

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