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Recommend a all-around player – AllPepole Video Player

Published on : December 5th, 2016 | Category : Advertising

When we use computers, always see the film and video. At this time, a useful player software is indispensable. Today is for the use of Mac readers, recommend a all-around player –AllPepole video player... Read more

Free video joiner and editing application – AllPepole Video Merger

Published on : December 3rd, 2016 | Category : Advertising, Uncategorized

AllPepole Video Merger is a free video joiner and editing application. It is easy to download and install to your Mac. The following detailed reading, go to the download page, we provide direct download.. Read more

Easy-to-use Video editing tool – AllPepole Video Cutter

Published on : December 2nd, 2016 | Category : Advertising

AllPepole Video Cutter is a free, easy-to-use Video editing tool, it can cutting film, cutting film software is quite convenient in use, also have a Chinese interface, segmentation method is simple, after you open.. Read more

Standard Windows and Mac Player – AllPepole video player

Published on : November 30th, 2016 | Category : Advertising

AllPepole video player is launched by AllPepole company, it is compatible with most of the video and audio formats. AllPepole video player uses NSIS encapsulation, as a standard Windows and Mac installer, characterized by.. Read more

How to Convert VOB Files for Better Playing on Mac

Published on : November 24th, 2016 | Category : Advertising

Are you interested in the VOB format? Click here for details. The abbreviation of VOB is a container for the DVD Video media format. VOB derived from mpeg-2 program stream format, but in private.. Read more

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