Domain Appraisals – Are They Really worth Spending For

I am often asked by domain owners if they should get their domains appraised by using a professional domain appraisal system. This is a touchy topic and you will then get different opinions depending on whose advice you take note of (domain owners’ or appraisal services’). From my own encounter, I can say that having your domain appraised is a physical fitness in futility.

Domains are like works of art. One can’t really employ a computer model, howsoever advanced it might be, to evaluate domains. You need the human touch to fully grasp the value on the domain name. A painting by Vincent Truck Gogh and an uknown artist may feature the identical Dutch landscape, but the former would be worth millions of dollars while the latter may be worthless.

Unfortunately, most of the “professional” domain appraisal services are only glorified bots that spit an automated value for a domain type. To truly get the very market value of a domain name, you need someone informed about domains to put a cost on the name.

The best people to do this, of course, are fellow domain owners and traders. People who have bought and sold hundreds of domains and follow the regularly have a fair idea the quantity of a name might turn out to be worth. By looking at the name’s features, an experienced domain speculator can predict its price within a fair and competitive marketplace. Rather than looking by quantifiable values (volume of letters, order of letters, extension, etc.), they look at the name’s “marketability” to figure out the value of the domain.

The best place to get an appraisal done by fellow domain traders is at the forums, and These communities are full of domainers who are always willing to help out others and will give you free advice as to your domain’s possible value. Just make sure to follow the rules of the respective forum and not spam it with hundreds of appraisal requests.

If you are really keen to get an automated appraisal carried out, a good place to begin is Estibot. This appraisal service is definitely free and gives the most accurate predictions. Estibot is a great tool to be able to get hundreds of site appraised and can’t bother posting each individually at the forums.

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