Riofrio, a pioneer of natural caviar manufacturing in Spain, expects output to exceed 3,000 kilograms this year after seeing double-digit development in 2013 to 2,500 kilograms.

The company said it has weathered the situation with earnings of over EUR1 million, and holds its current client portfolio as evidence that domestic demand is recovering.

Talking to Undercurrent News from Granada, in the southernmost Spanish region of Andalusia, Riofrio’s director Alberto Domezain said he was positive the sturgeon farmer can keep the leader position.

“We have not stopped broadening considering that we opened store. In 2013, we produced 35 % more than the previous year, and I think we will see the exact same rates in 2014. At the minute, we produce slightly above half of the total volume produced in Spain, and I’m sure the crown is right here to remain in Andalusia,” stated Domezain.

But he likewise forecast the organic caviar sector will broaden in Spain in the next five to en years, stating Spanish aquaculture has the know-how and company muscle needed.

“During a very long time, we were the only producers of caviar in Spain utilizing environmental and sustainable approaches. When we acquired the natural accreditation, in reality, we were alone in this market in the whole of Europe. Our very first competitor took 12 years in beginning its activity and it is Spanish, too [Caviar Perse] As soon as the economy gets a bit stronger, there will be more brand-new companies coming,” stated Domezain.

Riofrio is a 100 % subsidiary of the Finish business Caviar Empirik Oy since 2011– in Finland, Caviar Empirik Oy operates a fish hatchery breeding sturgeon fingerlings in Imatra, whereas caviar and other sturgeon products are produced in Ilomantsi.

The Spanish department offers mostly to leading dining establishments in the national and European market, specifically nowadays when trade restrictions have actually impacted imports from Russia, which was its significant foreign customer.

“There are consumers who specifically want natural caviar, but then the majority of our customers pick us because it is cleaner, it has greater quality and much better taste. Our fish grow following their natural cycle, we don’t feed them with engineered fat blends to quicken the procedure,” Domezain discussed.

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