Roe or fish eggs are an exceptionally popular special, specifically within Eastern Europe, Russia and Japan. You can buy currently processed roe such as delicacy, and consume it as a spread; furthermore, you can buy fresh roe at your neighborhood fish and shellfish market. The taste of depends on where the roe comes from-whether it was wild caught or farmed and how it is managed after collecting (handling roe requires a lot of care).

Roe is gathered by gathering female fish before generating; the eggs are cut out and very carefully protected. Dealing with roe is a delicate affair. If you purchase a fish with roe in it, cut off the oviducts, cover them in plastic bags and freeze them up until ready to consume.

There are lots of techniques of serving roe. You should check out the label for info on dealing with roe before you start. Great delicacy needs to normally be served really cold, ideally in a bowl that has actually been chilled. It can be eaten with toast and lemon wedges. Salmon roe, while not as fancy, is just as delicious and can be served with rye support, and cucumbers and tomatoes.

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