Merge Videos Tutorial- AllPepole Video Merger for Mac

“I have a few movies and video files which are divided into two separate files. Obviously doing to make the file easier to transport, but it is severely damaged my library, I want a quick and easy way to merge into one file. I use a Mac computer, I was looking for.” Mr. Hurry said.


Want videos combined into a PC or iPhone transfer, upload or edit it? Stay here! This article will share with you the ultimate solution 2 files into one or more video clips merge, merge subtitles with the video and video merge for Mac.


Tutorial of video merge:


This is the first fast video merger applies not only to join, cut, rotate, and other editing functions, and is a support to convert iMovie video converter-friendly MP4 video, MOV, M4V any video format you want, so you can reduce or merge iMovie video when you desire.


Merge video files in the best woodworking video. Before you put the video together, make the best video Joiner free download in Mac.


Step 1: Load video files you want to merge.


Step 2: Select the video you want to merge. And check whether the default destination folder you want, and if not, click the “output path” button to select destination folder.


Step 3: Make sure the state merge all “selected” and then click “Merge” button in the main interface to start the work.


Free download at iTunes app store:


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