Expat Dating is Surreal

Expat dating can be thrilling experience and make you feel as if you are living in a fairytale, but it can also come with a lot of heartache. With the World Wide Web revolution, many more people today are expats than in any other time period in history. The internet has brought the world together and many even believe it has increased the divorce rate due to people striking up relationships with others online.
When married people go online to look for a relationship they usually want something that they aren’t getting in their life currently. Many times it is just plain emotional needs that cause people to seek out different relationships online. When people meet online they may at times thy end up getting married. This has caused an influx of expats to other countries.

Some people also just work in other countries and meet natives while they are on assignment with their job. If can be a fun experience dating someone who is not of your own country. People in expat relationships find that they communicate much better than past relationships they have been in in their own countries. Communication is more abundant because there are many common things to talk about. Each partner is not only experiencing the initial phase of the relationship, they are also in a learning process. It will be exciting to learn about your partner’s culture and the ways that their life may be different to your native country.

Those that are working in a country do not usually have many obstacles with expat dating. The ones who are in love and live on two separate continents will be the ones to have trouble making their relationship permanent. To move to another country people always have to comply with visa requirements. The requirements are different for each country. Many times they will be subject to physicals, interviews, and intense screening to ensure they will not be a burden to the country they are moving to. Once their visa application is approved, they will usually have to be married within a certain amount of time. If there is a criminal blemish on their record or if there is any other fault with their application they can be denied admittance. If they are denied, then it can cause serious friction in a relationship in having to live apart. Long distance relationships take a lot of work.

Expat dating is not for the faint at heart. It takes total commitment from both parties if the relationship is serious. It can be a long process of getting through the red tape between your countries. The key is to be patient and know that if there is a will than there is a way. All good things come to those that wait. Be persistent and informed. If you cannot get through the process alone, consult with an immigration attorney. They will make your process easier and can possibly do things to get around your obstacles that you many never have thought of yourself.

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